OCOO is a new and advanced cooking method, with unexplored applications in gastronomy. Born to cook traditional recipes, OCOO modernized the double boiling method traditionally used in Korea, called Gamasot, a pot designed to prepare medicinal herbs with slow cooking and fermentation.
With its 15 fixed programs and a fully programmable setting, OCOO controls precisely temperature, time and pressure.
The ingredients are placed in the ceramic pot under the pressure hood. A steam flow at more than 112°C cooks the ingredients thanks to convection current.

"The new culinary revolution after sous-vide cuisine"

When we are using a cooking program that exceeds 100ºC, the liquid in the pot or the water contained in the food never boils, due to the effect of the pressure generated in the external pot. Since neither bubbles nor the classic movement of the liquid are generated during boiling, the product, despite being cooked for a long time, does not lose its shape nor does it break, similar to steaming.

For example, a potato cut into cubes after 3 hours of cooking keeps its original shape perfectly, or cook an almond as if it were butter.

With this delicate cooking system, cooking with textures impossible to obtain using any other technique, achieving fantastic results with legumes, vegetables with fibres such as asparagus, tubers, etc.

OCOO uses double pressure to obtain supertender textures without having to stir or worry about food breakage.
Despite the high temperatures, food does not burn as it is always cooked in a humid environment and without evaporation. This system allows cooking without being present or stirring during the process.

Fermentations, pickles and preserves

OCOO masters the techniques of pickling, preserve-making and fermentation. Depending on the final result you want to obtain, OCOO proposes different programs for each purpose.

You can make quick pickles in 1.30 hours, ferment yogurt or creams, in just 4 hours, doughs, vegetables and fruits. Prepare traditional long-fermented pastes such as Korean Gochujang or soybean paste in a matter of hours, rather than months. Fermentation begins in a controlled environment for a precise, regular and extremely safe food result.

You can also use OCOO to pasteurize pots and jars, since its operation, among other features, is similar to a small autoclave oven.

OCOO controls Maillard's reaction and cooks light, golden or dark stocks

The high temperature that is reached inside the pressure double boiler OCOO added to the time allows the food to be colored and acquire the brown tone of toasted even immersed in a liquid.
This technique makes it possible to cook food for a long time, for example 5 hours, and achieve a partial blackening of the food even inside of the produce.

The process also makes it possible to caramelise the sugar contained in the food (fructose, honey, lactose, etc.) to give an intense colour to your food without burning.



Flavor in liquid base: macerations, infusions, decoctions, extracts.
Confit in syrups or fats, prepare pickles and preserves.
Stew and braise, traditional cuisine.
Ferment doughs or yogurts, vegetables, fruits, alcohol.
Cook liquid or heavy dough and prepare legumes without previous soaking.
Cook under pressure in a liquid or with steam with controlled temperatures and times.
Steamed bain-marie perfectly cook flan, royales, pâtés and stuffings without boiling.
Prepare jams, jellies and syrups.
Prepare clarified broths and consommés.
Pasteurize preserves and preparations in jars or bags.
Prepare black garlic and other vegetables, also candied in honey.
Caramelize juices without reduction.

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