The latest technological revolution for cooking comes from Korea: inspired by an ancient Oriental cooking technique such as the Gamasot and a rice cooking pot for sushi.
OCOO controls automatically the pressure and internal temperature to ensure extremely precise cooking, even at low temperatures.

OCOO is a multi-purpose machine that allows you to perform fermentations, traditional cooking, or discover some new cooking methods that were previously inaccessible due to this new technique.
Use OCOO to prepare dishes or preparations for both the professional kitchen and the home.

Enjoy and learn on this website about what has changed and will change the kitchen thanks to OCOO.


Use OCOO at home for your everyday cooking, make your favourite dishes following step by step the recipes and advice we propose.

Setting OCOO is quick and clean: program your recipe and cook without being present or having to stir, enjoy your free time and taste exceptional and surprising dishes made with OCOO.

Fermentation, low temperature cooking, steam, high pressure, cooking with pressure without boiling, clarified broths, perfect cooking of legumes: these are just a few of the techniques that you will be able to master thanks to OCOO. If you don't know how it works, don't worry, you will master quickly and without errors all the recipes and get the best results. Cook like a Chef and surprise your guests.


OCOO is a pressure and steam water bath with time, temperature and pressure combined and totally controlled by its electronics device.

The best cooks already make incredible preparations using the advantages of high temperature cooking without boiling, unlimited caramelizations due to non-evaporation, mastering and accelerating fermentation processes of both fruits and vegetables and lactic acid. Low temperature cooking and liquid darkening processes (Maillard Reaction).

Don't wait any longer, discover these techniques and many more in the section How does it work?

Enjoy all the recipes created for you.


Explore all our recipes made with OCOO: they have been created for you to enjoy cooking with.

      Cook meat, vegetables, desserts, stews or try the most advanced gastronomic techniques.

      We are sure that OCOO will inspire you.

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